2010 SYRCA Willow Awards

The following Tundra books are nominated for the 2010 Saskatchewan Young Readers’ Choice Award:

Bird Child
By Nan Forler
Illustrated by François Thisdale
ISBN 978-0-88776-894-1
32 Pages
Nominated in the Shining Willow category (kindergarten – grade 3)
Bullying and the ability to rise above it are at the heart of this strikingly beautiful picture book. All school-aged children have either bullied, been bullied, or witnessed bullying, and all too often, they feel powerless to stop what has been set in motion.

Dear Toni
By Cyndi Sand-Eveland
ISBN 978-0-88776-876-7
136 Pages
Nominated in the Diamond Willow category (grades 4-6)
When sixth-grader Gene Tucks moves south, she dreads being the new kid at school and almost everything else about her life as a “nobody.” But what she dreads most is the hundred-day journal-writing assignment her teacher has given the class. His brilliant idea is to have the journals locked in the town museum’s vault for forty years so that future grade-sixers can read them.

Word Nerd
By Susin Nielsen
ISBN 978-0-88776-875-0
256 Pages
Nominated in the Snow Willow category (grades 7-9)
In this brilliantly observed novel, author Susin Nielsen transports the reader to the world of competitive Scrabble as seen from the honest yet funny viewpoint of a boy who’s searching for acceptance and for a place to call home.

The Saskatchewan Young Readers’ Choice Award allows over 10,000 students and young adults to read and vote for their favorite books. Award winners will be announced at a gala that will be held in the spring. For more info on the SYRCA Willow Awards, please visit www.willowawards.ca.

Congratulations to the abovementioned authors and illustrator!

The Best Children’s Books of the Year

The Best Children’s Books of the Year
List compiled by the Children’s Book Committee
of the Bank Street College of Education

Here are the Tundra books that made the list this year:

Word Nerd
Written by Susin Nielsen
ISBN: 978-0-88776-875-0
CDN Price: $20.99
US Price: $18.95
One uber nerd, one ex-con, a love of words, a budding romance … put them together and voila, a wonderful novel about coming into one’s own.

Dear Toni
Written by Cyndi Sand-Eveland
ISBN: 978-0-88776-876-7
CDN Price: $16.99
US Price: $14.95
A novel with the look and feel of a journal that reveals the heart of a special twelve year old.

The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde: The Graphic Novel
Adapted by Alan Grant
Illustrated by Cam Kennedy
CDN Price: $12.99
US Price: $11.95
The classic story of good and evil, retold by the graphic novel dream team of Alan Grant and Cam Kennedy.

Visit the Bank Street College of Education: Children’s Book Committee’s website for more information. This is their 100th anniversary edition of The Best Children’s Books of the Year. This special edition of their annual booklist was published in September 2009.

Author Lunch: Susin Nielsen

Susin Nielsen happened to be in town, so we invited her in for lunch on April 21, 2009. We really wanted to celebrate the success of Susin’s young adult novel, Word Nerd. Inspired from Word Nerd, the main character, Ambrose is always invited to eat with his Greek landlords – so we decided to have delicious Greek food!

Chicken SouvlakiNo Peanut signs!

Left: Ambrose is a very good Scrabble player (he attends the West Side Scrabble Club), so we made food labels using Scrabble tiles!
Right: The wonderful cover of Word Nerd features a “no peanut sign” because Ambrose is severely allergic to peanuts. We kept with the design and had “no peanut” signs displayed in our food trays.

Susin's CakeSusin Nielsen
For dessert, we had this delicious chocolate truffle cake. Congratulations Susin! Word Nerd is nominated for the Canadian Library Association’s 2009 Book of the Year Award for Children!

Word NerdWord Nerd centerpiece!

Most Promising Newcomer TrophyThe “Most Promising Newcomer” trophy! Inspired again from Word Nerd, Ambrose wins this trophy from the Scrabble Club. You can download the file for the trophy here. Simply print and cut!

Susin NielsenSusin Nielsen signing copies of Word Nerd for our guests. Thank you Susin for coming in and sharing your wonderful (and funny) stories with us!