2021 Beverly Cleary Children’s Choice Award

The Beverly Cleary Children’s Choice Award sponsored by the Oregon Association of School Libraries began in the summer of 2001 and was named in honor of Beverly Cleary with the winner being announced on her birthday, April 12, every year.  Children of all ages are invited to vote each spring for their favorite title from the list of nominated books. We would like to congratulate Anna Humphrey and Kass Reich whose adorable book, Megabat, is this year’s winner!

By Anna Humphrey
Illustrated by Kass Reich
192 Pages | Ages 7-10 | Paperback
ISBN 9780735266957 | Tundra Books
Daniel Misumi has just moved to a new house. It’s big and old and far away from his friends and his life before. AND it’s haunted . . . or is it? Megabat was just napping on a papaya one day when he was stuffed in a box and shipped halfway across the world. Now he’s living in an old house far from home, feeling sorry for himself and accidentally scaring the people who live there. Daniel realizes it’s not a ghost in his new house. It’s a bat. And he can talk. And he’s actually kind of cute. Megabat realizes that not every human wants to whack him with a broom. This one shares his smooshfruit. Add some buttermelon, juice boxes, a lightsaber and a common enemy and you’ve got a new friendship in the making! This charming, funny story is brought to life by Kass Reich’s warm and adorable illustrations. There’s never been a bat this cute – readers will be rooting for Megabat and Daniel from page one!