Give us a Match!

We feel like having some fun this Friday, so let’s play a simple matching game! Pamela had the wonderful idea of creating matching cards (a fond childhood memory for her) for Marthe Jocelyn and Nell Jocelyn’s Ones and Twos.

There’s more to this set, but to keep it easier for us, I’ve picked 8 pairs to play with. Here are the cards:

I’ve given each card a coordinate so you can tell me which ones to flip!

To play:

  1. Leave a comment below with your 2 card coordinates.
  2. I will flip them, snap a photo, and update this page.
  3. You can only guess 3 times, so strategize and wait for someone to reveal some of the cards. However, if someone beats you to the punch to a winning match, it won’t count as a guess for you.
  4. The first eight people to find a matching pair will win a copy of Ones and Twos, a set of the matching card game, and the book’s poster. Have fun and good luck!

We’re doing this old school, without flash or any other fancy program!

Here is A1 and D4:

Here is B1 and C2:

Here is B3 and C3:

A match! Congratulations to My Bits and Bleeps!

Here is C1 and B4 (PS: I’m keeping all the matches open in all future photos):

Here is D1 and C4:

Here is B4 and D4:

A match! Congratulations to Christinabean!

Here is B1 and D1:

A match! Congratulations to Teresa!

Here is A1 and D3:

Here is C2 and A4:

Here is C2 and D3:

Congrats Emily H!

Here is A4 and D3:

Here is B2 and C4:

Here is A4 and C4:

Another match! Congrats Krystal!

Here is A3 and D2:

Pizza! Yum! Congratulations to bermudaonion!

Oops! My bad, I just realized my brain was on pizza and I posted the wrong reveal for A3 and D2, is should have been:

Nonetheless, still a winner! (I must admit, it got confusing trying to keep up, please forgive me!)

Here is B2 and A3, get ready to REFRESH this page:

Here is A1 and A3:

Laura Welser takes the prize!

Here is A2 and B2:

Finally! Congratulations to Jennifer O! 😉


If you’re curious, here are the rest of the cards from this set:

Thank you for playing and I hope you had fun!!