Strut It! with Jeanne Beker

In collaboration with H&M and Globe Recognition, we celebrated last night with fashion, shopping, and Jeanne Beker! Here, let me take you through the night:

The event was held at H&M on 15 Bloor Street West. The event officially started at 7:30pm, with doors opening at 7:15pm. Security was pretty strict, but luckily we were able to get in earlier to show you what happens “behind the seams:”

Thank you to the crew that had all the posters and signs up and ready.

Caterers standing by, some of the dressing rooms had to become coat checks and swag bag storage. Do you see the pink lichee drinks?

Gorgeous pink tulips to match the book.

Jeanne Beker also arrives early and is given the run down of events by Lindsay, Emily, and her amazing Publicist, Pamela!

Jeanne has a look through her “Jeanne’s Picks” with Emily.

Taking a peek on the second floor, it looks like guests are already lining up outside!

Doors open and guests come in to meet Jeanne and shop with an exclusive 20% off.

While all the guests were shopping, we thought it would be fun to find some of “Jeanne’s Picks” among the racks.

Later in the evening, Emily and Jeanne chatted about the season’s hottest trends and how to wear them. The models showed off the “Jeanne’s Picks” outfits:

Before the night ended, guests went to meet Jeanne and get their copy of Strutting It! signed.

We would like to thank Jeanne Beker, Globe Recognition, the team at  H&M, the  models, the caterers, and  all the guests who joined us last night. Randy, Pamela, and Alison – we tip our hats to you! It wouldn’t have been a celebration without you, now go and strut it!

We also posted an album on facebook, so check out more of our photos there! More photos can be found at Globe Recognition’s gallery and from the Globe and Mail.