Tuesdays with Tundra

Tuesdays with Tundra
Tuesdays with Tundra is an ongoing series featuring our new releases. The following books are now available in stores and online!

Terry Fox and MeTerry Fox and Me
By Mary Beth Leatherdale
Illustrated by Milan Pavlovic
40 Pages | Ages 4-8 | Hardcover
ISBN 9780735267688 | Tundra Books
Celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Terry Fox Marathon of Hope, this picture book biography tells the story of a friendship defined by strength and love. Before Terry Fox become a national hero and icon, he was just a regular kid. But even then, his characteristic strength, determination and loyalty were apparent and were the foundation for his friendship with Doug. The two first met at basketball tryouts in grammar school. Terry was the smallest – and worst – basketball player on the court. But that didn’t stop him. With Doug’s help, Terry practiced and practiced until he earned a spot on the team. As they grew up, the best friends supported each other, challenged each other, helped each other become better athletes and better people. Doug was by Terry’s side every step of the way: when Terry received a diagnosis of cancer in his leg, when he was learning to walk – then run – with a prosthetic leg and while he was training for the race of his life, his Marathon of Hope. Written from Doug’s perspective, this story shows that Terry Fox’s legacy goes beyond the physical and individual accomplishments of a disabled athlete and honors the true value of friendship.

Monsters 101Monsters 101
By Cale Atkinson
32 Pages | Ages 3-7 | Hardcover
ISBN 9780735267084 | Tundra Books
Readers who loved Unicorns 101 will love this laugh-out-loud picture book that finally sets the record straight about monsters! They’re so much more than just that scary thing under your bed. Join Professors Vampire, Blob and Werewolf, and their trusty lab assistant – a zombie named Tina – as they reveal eerie and frankly ridiculous monsters facts never uttered outside a crypt! Full of eye-popping illustrations and a story with nonstop sidesplitting laughs, plus a removable Professor of Monstrology diploma at the end of the book, Monsters 101 will have children – and adults – eager to enroll, time and time again!

The Invisible BearThe Invisible Bear
By Cecile Metzger
40 Pages | Ages 4-8 | Hardcover
ISBN 9780735266872 | Tundra Books
A bear sits in his quiet, colorless home in a forgotten place. He feels invisible; no one comes to see him, and he spends his days alone. Then someone moves in next door. Madame Odette is sound and sunshine, and at first, the bear isn’t sure about this colorful new neighbor. But through an act of kindness, the bear and the Madame Odette meet, and as time goes by, they become friends. And in the end, they are both forever changed by the gifts they bring each other. The first book from author-illustrator Cécile Metzger, The Invisible Bear is a powerful and beautiful meditation on the beauty of friendship and how two people can save each other just by being themselves.

By Sigmund Brouwer
256 Pages | Ages 9-12 | Hardcover
ISBN 9781101918494 | Tundra Books
Part survival story, part animal-human friendship story and part redemption story, Clan follows the journey of Atlatl and the saber tooth cub he rescues from a dire wolf attack. Injured as a child, Atlatl dreams of one day earning his father’s respect as a hunter. But when Atlatl brings the young saber tooth to his Clan, it leads to a devastating moment of torn loyalties between Atlatl and his father – a moment that will change their lives forever. Then an epic disaster strikes, and suddenly Atlatl has to rely on wits, ingenuity and bravery to face his biggest foe yet and try to save what remains of his Clan.

The Gryphons Lair-audiobookThe Gryphon’s Lair
By Kelley Armstrong
Read by Caitlin Driscoll
Ages 10-14 | Audiobook
ISBN 9780735269156 | Puffin Canada
Rowan is now the Royal Monster Hunter, and her twin brother, Rhydd, is destined to be king. But her mother’s cousin Heward is still determined that his children be the ones to inherit the titles, and will stop at nothing to show that Rowan and Rhydd are too immature to properly lead. After the gryphon that Rowan captured in Book One gives birth but then dies, Rowan is left with a baby gryphon she knows she cannot keep. And it grows faster than anyone can imagine. . . . In order to save face after an accident involving the troublesome gryphon, Rowan, with the help of her friends Dain and Alianor, along with an entourage of monstrous companions, must make a journey to the mountains to release the gryphon back into the wild. What starts off as a simple enough task soon becomes a dangerous quest, as the group encounters numerous rare and deadly monsters along the way, including wyverns and ceffyl-dwrs. Nothing is easy when you’re a “monster magnet” like Rowan. Can she prove herself worthy of the title of Royal Monster Hunter? Find out in this exciting second book in the Royal Guide to Monster Slaying duology!

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The Canadian Toy Testing Council’s Great Books

Canadian Toy Testing CouncilThe Canadian Toy Testing Council (CTTC), the leading authority on toys in Canada, has used its evaluation process to select Great Books for Children by Canadian creators and publishers. The books range from picture books to novels to non-fiction or science-based fact books. The diversity of titles shows that there are books available to appeal to every child!


The Pocket MommyThe Pocket Mommy
Written by Rachel Eugster
Illustrated by Tom Goldsmith
ISBN 978-1-77049-300-1
Ages 3+
“When a pocket-sized mommy joins him in kindergarten, Sammy actually discovers his independence. Children can relate to the story about missing mommy and appreciate the detailed, humorous illustrations. Parents find this a helpful story for children starting school or a new activity.”

JoJo the GiantJoJo the Giant
Written by Jane Barclay
Illustrated by Esperanca Melo
ISBN: 978-0-88776-976-4
Ages 4+
“This uplifting story about determination and compassion can inspire children to have faith in themselves and look beyond their shortcomings. Children enjoy the expressive, colourful illustrations, the text’s appealing language, and the surprise twist at the end.”

In the BagIn the Bag! Margaret Knight Wraps It Up
Written by Monica Kulling
Illustrated by David Parkins
ISBN 978-1-77049-239-4
Ages 5-7
“This story about the inventor Margaret Knight is a tale of perseverance and ingenuity. Children, especially young girls, are inspired by a young woman who did things others women could not do, who understood things others said women could not know. Readers also appreciated the detailed illustrations and accessible story, while parents liked the book’s educational quality.”

Hey CanadaHey Canada!
Written by Vivien Bowers
Illustrated by Milan Pavlovic
ISBN 978-1-77049-255-4
Ages 7-10
“Explore Canada from coast to coast to coast with this colorfully illustrated book that mixes photographs, comic strips, narrative and social media. Readers liked the humorous approach to information about Canada’s diverse geography, history, nature, etc. A great resource to understand this country better in an entertaining and accessible way.”

For the full list of Great Books, please click here!


  • My Achy Body by Liza Fromer and Francine Gerstein, illustrated by Joe Weissmann
  • My Messy Body by Liza Fromer and Francine Gerstein, illustrated by Joe Weissmann
  • My Noisy Body by Liza Fromer and Francine Gerstein, illustrated by Joe Weissmann
  • My Stretchy Body by Liza Fromer and Francine Gerstein, illustrated by Joe Weissmann
  • Checkers and Dot at the Beach by J. Torres, illustrated by J. Lum
  • Checkers and Dot on the Farm by J. Torres, illustrated by J. Lum
  • Creatures Great and Small by Karen Patkau
  • Creatures Yesterday and Today by Karen Patkau
  • Ella May and the Wishing Stone by Cary Fagan, illustrated by Geneviève Côté
  • Here Comes Hortense! by Heather Hartt-Sussman, illustrated by Georgia Graham
  • Hockey 123 by Christopher Jordan
  • Hockey ABC by Christopher Jordan
  • Hockey Colours by Christopher Jordan
  • Hockey Opposites by Christopher Jordan
  • It’s Not About the Ball! by Veronika Martenova Charles, illustrated by David Parkins
  • It’s Not About the Beanstalk! by Veronika Martenova Charles, illustrated by David Parkins
  • It’s Not About the Straw! by Veronika Martenova Charles, illustrated by David Parkins
  • Man Overboard! by Curtis Parkinson
  • Nana’s Summer Surprise by Heather Hartt-Sussman, illustrated by Georgia Graham
  • Nini by François Thisdale
  • Noni Is Nervous by Heather Hartt-Sussman, illustrated by Geneviève Côté
  • Puckster’s First Hockey Game by Lorna Schultz Nicholson, illustrated by Kelly Findley
  • Puckster’s First Hockey Sweater by Lorna Schultz Nicholson, illustrated by Kelly Findley
  • Spot the Difference by Tak Bui
  • The French Fry King by Rogé
  • Where Do You Look? by Marthe Jocelyn and Nell Jocelyn
  • Who Needs an Iceberg? by Karen Patkau
  • Who Needs an Jungle? by Karen Patkau
  • Winterberries and Apple Blossoms by Nan Forler, illustrated by Peter Etril Snyder

For the complete list of Recommended Reads, please click here.

The BC Book Prizes Finalists

The West Coast Book Prize Society has announced the finalists for the 2013 BC Book Prizes. The BC Book Prizes, established in 1985, celebrate the achievements of British Columbia writers. Congratulations to our authors and illustrators:

Finalist, Sheila A. Egoff Children’s Literature Prize
The Reluctant Journal of Henry K LarsenThe Reluctant Journal of Henry K. Larsen
Written by Susin Nielsen
Hardcover | 256 Pages
Ages 10 and up
ISBN: 978-1-77049-372-8
eBook: 978-1-77049-373-5
“…With fully developed adult and child characters and a solid sense of middle school humor, the author has crafted an insightful and nuanced novel about bullying and suicide, and familial love and resilience.” — Starred, School Library Journal

Finalist, Christie Harris Illustrated Children’s Literature Prize
Hey CanadaHey Canada!
Written by Vivien Bowers
Illustrated by Milan Pavlovic
Hardcover | 72 Pages
Ages 7-10 years
ISBN: 978-1-77049-255-4
“This is probably the best Canadian travel book written for pre-teens…. Filled with facts, simply related history, engaging tales and colour illustrations presented as souvenirs, postcards and slides, Wow Canada! is guaranteed to stimulate a youngster’s urge to explore the country.” — The Globe and Mail

The 28th Annual BC Book Prizes awards gala will be held on Saturday, May 4 at Government House in Victoria. Gala tickets include a sit down dinner and an open bar and will be available for purchase online on the BC Book Prize website beginning March 19th. For more information, please visit www.bcbookprizes.ca.

Hey Canada! Blog Tour

Before the Canada Day long weekend, we’re going to celebrate our great country with a virtual book tour. Have a look at who will be blogging about Vivien Bowers and Milan Pavlovic’s Hey Canada! in 14 days!

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