Monster Monday with Cale Atkinson

Have you met the fangtastic monsters in Cale Atkinson’s Monsters 101? We hear that they’ve been taking over indie bookstores across Canada for the past few weeks . . . and now we have one living on our blog!

Meet Charlie!

Charlie has the power to lure in foolish victims with her cuteness, only to hypnotize and force them to gather delicious foods and dance for her amusement.

And to tell us more, here’s Cale Atkinson himself – author, illustrator, and professional monster researcher.

So far, we’ve tracked monsters at six indie bookstores across the country – and we’ve heard from Cale himself that there will be more. Keep an eye out for each store’s monster, you never know where one might pop up!

List of confirmed monster sightings:

Ella Minnow
Once Upon a Bookstore
Moonbeam Books
Munro Books
Audreys Books
Vancouver Kidsbooks
Blue Heron Books

Monsters 101Monsters 101
By Cale Atkinson
32 Pages | Ages 3-7 | Hardcover
ISBN 9780735267084 | Tundra Books
Readers who loved Unicorns 101 will love this laugh-out-loud picture book that finally sets the record straight about monsters! They’re so much more than just that scary thing under your bed. Join Professors Vampire, Blob and Werewolf, and their trusty lab assistant – a zombie named Tina – as they reveal eerie and frankly ridiculous monster facts never uttered outside a crypt! Full of eye-popping illustrations and a story with nonstop side-splitting laughs, plus a removable Professor of Monstrology diploma at the end of the book, Monsters 101 will have children – and adults – eager to enroll, time and time again!