The Double Blog Dare Tour: Day 9

Welcome to Day 9 of our adventure with Alison Dare. We are close to the end of The Double Blog Dare Tour. *sniff sniff* Today:

  • Alison Dare attempts to hunt down Baron von Baron at Presenting Lenore!
  • What does Alison Dare find in the cave at Little Teen Librarian? Help her out!
  • Who wins? The Evil Old Lady Who Lives In A Shoe or Alison Dare? Find out more at Books by their Covers!
  • Alison Dare and the Mississippi Mummy at Suvudu (based on true events)!

Did you know that you could win an Alison Dare Prize Pack? Using two Alison Dare images we provide, include her in a photo to enter the contest!

We’re all on twitter too! Join @TundraBooks, @jtorrescomics, and our daring bloggers in using the hashtag #AlisonDare