Tuesdays with Tundra 33

Tuesdays with Tundra is a post on our new releases. The following books are available today in stores and online!

Whimsy Heavy ThingsWhimsy’s Heavy Things
Written by Julie Kraulis
Illustrated by Julie Kraulis
Hardcover | 32 Pages | Ages 4-6
ISBN: 978-1-77049-403-9
“[Whimsy’s] … solutions are ingenious, and the ending surprises with a mature little twist that is reassuring as well as realistic. Every page is sweetly rendered by author and illustrator Julie Kraulis’s oil and graphite artwork, which evokes a softer, gentler version of Tim Burton’s style.” — Quill & Quire

Making ContactMaking Contact!
Marconi Goes Wireless

Written by Monica Kulling
Illustrated by Richard Rudnicki
Hardcover | 32 Pages | Ages 5-8
ISBN: 978-1-77049-378-0
The fifth book in Tundra’s Great Idea Series, Making Contact! tells the story of Guglielmo Marconi, who became the father of wireless communication. As a boy, Marconi loved science and invention. At the age of twenty, Marconi realized that no one had invented a wireless telegraph. Determined to find a way to use radio waves to send wireless messages, Marconi found his calling. And, thanks to his persistence, on December 12, 1901, for the first time ever, a wireless signal traveled between two continents. The rest is history!

Escape from BerlinEscape from Berlin
Written by Irene N.Watts
Trade Paperback | 432 Pages | Ages 8-12
ISBN: 978-1-77049-611-8
eBook: 978-1-77049-612-5
Life for Jewish families in 1938 Berlin is increasingly difficult. Neighborhood shops and synagogues are looted and burned, homes are invaded by the Gestapo, Jewish children are expelled from school, their fathers and brothers imprisoned without cause. With even darker times on the horizon, parents are searching for an escape route for their children. On the morning of December 1st, 1938, eleven-year-old Marianne Kohn and seven-year-old Sophie Mandel meet on a train, the first Kindertransport that will take children to safety in England. But what will happen when they arrive? Who will be their guardians? Will they be able to learn the customs and language of their new country? Will they ever see their parents again? The Kindertransport saved almost ten thousand children before the outbreak of World War II. The three critically acclaimed, award-winning novels in Escape from BerlinGood-bye Marianne, Remember Me, and Finding Sophie—poignantly chronicle what happens to Marianne and Sophie as they grow up away from home. December 1, 2013, marks the 75th Anniversary of the first Kindertransport.

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UPDATE: Congratulations to Susan who will be getting a copy of Whimsy’s Heavy Things.