National Intern Day

July 27th is National Intern Day! To celebrate, we reached out to our colleagues here at Penguin Random House Canada, who were once interns, to learn more about their experiences and to share them and their fun memories with you! Happy National Intern Day to all interns past and present!

Megan Costa
Internship: Publicity ’22
Currently: Marketing & Publicity Coordinator

“When I started my internship at PRHC I really didn’t know what to expect, but it was an incredible experience. I was able to develop my skills in marketing and publicity as well as assist on meaningful work and projects. I was given the freedom to take initiative to improve processes and workflow and opportunities to assist with author events and media. One of the biggest highlights of my internship was all the people I met along the way, especially those within my intern cohort. It was wonderful meeting other people who share a lot of interests as me (books!) who are also learning how to navigate the workplace for the first time. It’s a nice reminder that I’m not alone and I have a whole group of friends I can turn to who are going through similar things.”

Megan (right) and Olivia (middle) posing in front of the Penguin Classics mural with a fellow intern.

Olivia Carter
Internship: Appetite Editorial ’22
Currently: Appetite Editorial Assistant

“I started as an intern at PRHC almost exactly a year ago. My personal experience was on the heels of another internship with a smaller Toronto publishing house. What I enjoyed at PRHC is that I was able to expand so many different skills that I wasn’t previously exposed to. The fast-paced nature of our jobs means a lot of learning-as-we-go and the opportunity to try your hand at many different tasks. I learned more in my six month internship than I did previously in a year and a half of publishing school and interning elsewhere. The most valuable part of the experience was sharing it with the other interns in my cohort. We became close friends, and we still rely on each other; especially those of us who are still with the company. I would have had a much harder time if I didn’t have the other interns to learn and grow with. They truly make the entire experience, and your cohort brings the added benefit of learning what other imprints and departments are like. It’s a very well-rounded internship program, and I’m very grateful for the friends I made through it.”

Stephanie Ehmann
Internship: Kids Marketing & Publicity ’22
Currently: Kids Marketing & Publicity Coordinator

“I was chosen to be a Kids Marketing & Publicity intern at Tundra Books for Summer/Fall of 2022 and I’ve been here ever since! I came into the internship knowing I wanted to work in kids publishing, I just didn’t know if I wanted to work in marketing or publicity. The internship was phenomenal in a way that I got to experience the day to day of each of the different directions and make a decision from there. The kids M&P team is also fabulous. When I first started, the team consisted of Sylvia Chan, Samantha Devotta and Evan Munday and then grew when Anthony de Ridder and Julia Wigdor joined shortly after. They all welcomed me with open arms, and now I never want to leave. I’m one of the few people that didn’t live in Toronto for the duration of the internship (where the Penguin Random House Canada offices are), but I was able to fly in for a few days and meet everyone in person. I got to meet my close team and a few people from my intern cohort, and my team even threw a little pizza party to welcome me in person. It really made me feel like part of the team.”

Stephanie (bottom right) with the Kids Marketing & Publicity team celebrating Narwhalidays!

Charlotte Nip
Internship: Appetite Editorial and Lifestyle Marketing ’19
Currently: Marketing Coordinator

“I’m so grateful for my internship at Penguin Random House Canada, and I cannot express how it’s opened my eyes and publishing doors. It can be daunting to not know anyone or anything when you first work in publishing, but my internship at Appetite by Random House (an imprint of PRHC) has been one of the most meaningful and fulfilling experiences, introducing me to different industry professionals across all facets of publishing. I’ve been able to learn from incredible managers, both in editorial and marketing, meet/work alongside the fabulous authors we acquire, and connect with a cohort of interns who have become my closest friends and work wives. Happy Intern Day to my fellow ex-interns!”

Sam Devotta
Internship: Tundra Books Editorial ’14
Currently: Senior Associate, Kids Marketing & Publicity

“When I started my editorial internship at Tundra in November 2014, I had no idea where I wanted to end up in the industry. By the time I finished my internship six months later, I knew that no matter what department I fell into, I wanted to be at Tundra. It was my second of three internships and it was the only one where I truly felt like I was part of team – from reading slush pile and writing reader’s reports to helping out at the OLA Super Conference and all the little things in between, I fit right in. I loved the people (my internship supervisor, Sylvia, is now my boss!) and the gorgeous books and being offered a position as an associate publicist in September 2017 was a dream come true.”

Sam (right) recreating the look of the character named after her from If I Had a Gryphon.

Sylvia Chan
Internship: Tundra Books Publicity ’07
Currently: Associate Director, Kids Marketing & Publicity

“I was luckily chosen to be a Publicity Intern at Tundra Books and it was such a fun experience! I followed Kate Newman (currently at Indigo) and Pamela Osti (currently at Harlequin) around, helping with tasks, and even preparing for Tundra’s 40th anniversary! Right away, they could see that I liked art and design and had me designing press releases and posters. I learned a lot about children’s book publicity and event planning and made many new friends that are still in the industry today. The former Publisher at Tundra Books, Kathy Lowinger, would arrange these bookseller lunches where our entire team would go pick up lunch and visit a bookstore to chat with the owner and booksellers. I remember getting to go once, we picked up fish and chips and headed to Mabel’s Fables Children’s Bookstore. We were all sitting in a circle eating and chatting about books and the publishing industry!”

Continue the National Intern Day celebration with Friends Like These by Meg Rosoff!

Friends Like These
By Meg Rosoff
208 Pages | Ages 14+ | Paperback
ISBN 9781774881101 | Tundra Books
New York City. Summer 1983. A summer internship in New York was meant to be everything Beth wanted. But from the moment she arrives in the city she feels wrong: wrong hair, terrible clothes, defective smile, too obviously a virgin. Sharing a hot, cockroach-filled apartment with a couple falling out of love completes the dream picture. Then she meets her fellow interns: ambitious out-of-towner Dan, preppy rich boy Oliver, and Edie – a beautiful, brittle, magnetic, instant best friend. Irresistible people are like gravity. You can’t help being pulled towards them – can you?