On this day in 1920, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police officially came into existence!

In 1919, Parliament voted to merge the Force with the Dominion Police, a federal police force with jurisdiction in eastern Canada. When the legislation took effect on February 1, 1920, the name became the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, and headquarters was moved to Ottawa from Regina. –

In this loving homage to the RCMP Musical Ride, Maxwell Newhouse captures its spirit – from the riders to the equipment, the training, and the horses – in words and art:

The RCMP Musical Ride
By Maxwell Newhouse
24 Pages
ISBN 978-0-88776-683-1
The pageantry of the sleek black horses, their intricate dancelike steps, and the thrilling play of lances make the Musical Ride of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police an unforgettable experience. Rooted in the cavalry drills of the Great March West of 1874, the modern-day Musical Ride now represents the best in horsemanship.

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