Guest Post: Ron Lightburn

Juba This, Juba That illustrator, Ron Lightburn, shares a few snapshots and his fun (he is on a boat) Word on the Street Halifax experience.

Ron Lightburn: Here are a few photos of my day with Theodore Tugboat at the Word on the Street literary festival on the Halifax waterfront.

I’ve been giving readings and presentations for twenty years, but it was truly a marvelous and memorable experience reading Juba This, Juba That on a moving boat!

My first mate, Sandra, helped out by demonstrating a hand clapping and thigh slapping routine to go with the text as I read it.  It was wonderful to hear the audience repeat the story and join in the clapping and slapping.

I handed out Juba posters, the weather was fantastic and we all had a great time!  My thanks to Tundra for making it all happen!