Picture Books about Mental Health

Kids Books about Mental Health
With childhood anxiety and other mental health concerns on the rise, talking to your child about mental wellness is more important than ever. Here are some picture books that can help start conversations about mental health and wellness with young children.

What's Up MalooWhat’s Up, Maloo?
By Geneviève Godbout
ISBN 9780735266643 | Hardcover
Ages 3-7 | Tundra Books
No other kangeroo can hop like Maloo! But one day Maloo’s friends find him stepping instead of hopping. What’s wrong, Maloo? His pals look for ways to help Maloo regain the spring in his step. With patience, support and a little “hop” from his friends, Maloo gets his bounce back.

Noni Is NervousNoni Is Nervous
By Heather Hartt-Sussman
Illustrated by Geneviève Côté
ISBN 9781770493230 | Hardcover
Ages 3-7 | Tundra Books
Noni is nervous about playdates, and global warming, and most of all, about the first day of school. Her parents are worried too, and even her brother is a little wary. But Noni finds a friend, someone a little more outgoing than herself, and discovers that through friendship, she can belong and succeed in a world that once filled her with dread.

Where Oliver FitsWhere Oliver Fits
By Cale Atkinson
ISBN 9781101919071 | Hardcover
Ages 3-7 | Tundra Books
Oliver has always dreamed about where he will fit. Will he be in the mane of a unicorn? The tentacle of a pirate squid? The helmet of an astronaut? When he finally goes in search of his perfect place, he finds that trying to fit in is a lot harder than he thought. But like any puzzle, a little trial and error leads to a solution, and Oliver figures out exactly where he belongs.

swarm of beesSwarm of Bees
By Lemony Snicket
Illustrated by Rilla Alexander
ISBN 9781101918791 | Hardcover
Ages 3-7 | Tundra Books
Watch out! A mischievous boy has unleashed an angry swarm of bees! The result is a zany gallop through a charming town where readers will encounter evidence of some bad behavior, some frenzied anger and thankfully, a hug and some spaghetti. It can feel good to be angry. It can feel better to stop.

Whimsy Heavy ThingsWhimsy’s Heavy Things
By Julie Kraulis
ISBN 9781770494039 | Hardcover
Ages 4-6 | Tundra Books
Whimsy’s heavy things are weighing her down. She tries to sweep them under the rug, but she trips over them. She even tries to sail them out to sea, but they always come back. Eventually Whimsy decides to deal with the heavy things one at a time … and a surprising thing happens.

Bug in a VacuumBug in a Vacuum
By Mélanie Watt
ISBN 9781770496453 | Hardcover
Ages 5-9 | Tundra Books
A bug flies through an open door where its entire life changes with the switch of a button. Sucked into the void of a vacuum bag, this one little bug moves through denial, bargaining, anger, despair and eventually acceptance – the five stages of grief – as it comes to terms with its fate.

The Bad Mood and the StickThe Bad Mood and the Stick
By Lemony Snicket
Illustrated by Matthew Forsythe
ISBN 9781101918777 | Hardcover
Ages 4-8 | Tundra Books
Moods can be confusing. Especially to children. The Bad Mood and The Stick offers a refreshing, thoughtful look at the ways in which a bad mood wreaks havoc as it moves through the world, from person to person, leaving an unexpected trail in its wake: opportunities for laughter, forgiveness and even love. With wry, luminous art by Matthew Forsythe, at last you can look your bad mood in the eye.

The Pink UmbrellaThe Pink Umbrella
By Amelie Callot
Illustrated by Geneviève Godbout
ISBN 9781101919231 | Hardcover
Ages 6-9 | Tundra Books
When it’s bright outside, Adele is the heart of her community, greeting everyone who comes into her café with arms wide open. But when it rains, she can’t help but stay at home inside, under the covers. Because Adele takes such good care of her friends and customers, one of them decides to take care of her too.

Launch of: An Armadillo in Paris

What a lovely launch for An Armadillo in Paris! The event was held on Wednesday, November 5 at Café Plenty with Mabel’s Fables on hand to sell books. A fantastic turnout of friends, families, and fans came to congratulate Julie Kraulis on her second picture book publication. Here are some photos from the reception:
01_LaunchArloParisYes, a knitted armadillo was present at the launch. With an interchangeable scarf, wonder what the colours will be for Arlo’s next adventure in New York City?
02_LaunchArloParisJulie brought in the original art to display so everyone could see the amazing details in her work.
03_LaunchArloParisA Parisian-themed launch wouldn’t be complete with some treats, especially macarons!
04_LaunchArloParisGreat to see the support and love from friends and family! But … were they there to see Julie or Arlo?
05_LaunchArloParisEditor Samantha Swenson (right) saying a few words, she’s also the one who knitted the armadillo!
06_LaunchArloParisSo many kids came by to get their books signed!
07_LaunchArloParisIf you’re looking for Arlo prints and postcards, you can order them from Julie’s website here. Thank you to those who came out on the splendid Wednesday evening and many thanks to the team at Café Plenty and Mabel’s Fables!

Canadian Booksellers Association Libris Awards 2014 Longlist

Whimsy Heavy ThingsCanadian Booksellers Association (CBA) and Retail Council of Canada (RCC) have announced the 2014 CBA Libris Awards longlist. Voted on by members of the Canadian book industry, the CBA Libris Awards honours talented authors whose works were embraced by book-buyers, and the dedicated professionals who ensured those authors’ books connected meaningfully with readers.

Tundra would like to congratulate Julie Kraulis, Whimsy’s Heavy Things has been nominated for the Children’s Picture book of the Year!

The longlist will be voted on by book industry members, with a shortlist being released in April. The winners will be announced at the Libris Awards Gala taking place on June 2, 2014 as part of Retail Council Canada’s annual STORE Conference.

Congratulations to the other nominated authors and illustrators:

  • The Dark by Lemony Snicket, Illustrated by Jon Klassen
  • Warning: Do Not Open This Book! by Adam Lehrhaupt, Illustrated by Matthew Forsyth
  • Not Your Typical Dragon by Dan Bar-el, Illustrated by Tim Bowers
  • The Night Before Christmas by Clement C. Moore, Illustrated by Barbara Reid
  • Lasso the Wind by George Elliott Clarke, illustrated by Susan Tooke
  • Binky: License to Scratch by Ashley Spires
  • This Little Hamster by Kass Reich

Launch of: Whimsy’s Heavy Things

What a lovely launch for Whimsy’s Heavy Things! The event was held on Wednesday, October 3 at Modern Baby with Mabel’s Fables on hand to sell books. A fantastic turnout of friends, families, and fans came to congratulate Julie Kraulis on her first picture book publication. Here are some photos from the reception:

Modern Baby is all spruced up and ready to welcome guests!

Who’s already exhausted from all the fun? Snack break!

Julie Kraulis’s original art on display.

Each piece is a spread from Whimsy’s Heavy Things.

Making the way to the back, everyone is in line to have their book(s) signed.

No snack break for Julie Kraulis, the line to meet her doesn’t end!

Gorgeous prints of the art from the book are available for sale.

Editor Samantha Swenson saying a few words about working with Julie Kraulis on Whimsy’s Heavy Things.

All smiles for Julie Kraulis! Congratulations on creating such a beautiful first book!

By audience request, Julie Kraulis gave an impromptu reading of Whimsy’s Heavy Things.

Thank you to those who came out on the splendid Wednesday evening and many thanks to the team at Modern Baby and Mabel’s Fables.

Tuesdays with Tundra 33

Tuesdays with Tundra is a post on our new releases. The following books are available today in stores and online!

Whimsy Heavy ThingsWhimsy’s Heavy Things
Written by Julie Kraulis
Illustrated by Julie Kraulis
Hardcover | 32 Pages | Ages 4-6
ISBN: 978-1-77049-403-9
“[Whimsy’s] … solutions are ingenious, and the ending surprises with a mature little twist that is reassuring as well as realistic. Every page is sweetly rendered by author and illustrator Julie Kraulis’s oil and graphite artwork, which evokes a softer, gentler version of Tim Burton’s style.” — Quill & Quire

Making ContactMaking Contact!
Marconi Goes Wireless

Written by Monica Kulling
Illustrated by Richard Rudnicki
Hardcover | 32 Pages | Ages 5-8
ISBN: 978-1-77049-378-0
The fifth book in Tundra’s Great Idea Series, Making Contact! tells the story of Guglielmo Marconi, who became the father of wireless communication. As a boy, Marconi loved science and invention. At the age of twenty, Marconi realized that no one had invented a wireless telegraph. Determined to find a way to use radio waves to send wireless messages, Marconi found his calling. And, thanks to his persistence, on December 12, 1901, for the first time ever, a wireless signal traveled between two continents. The rest is history!

Escape from BerlinEscape from Berlin
Written by Irene N.Watts
Trade Paperback | 432 Pages | Ages 8-12
ISBN: 978-1-77049-611-8
eBook: 978-1-77049-612-5
Life for Jewish families in 1938 Berlin is increasingly difficult. Neighborhood shops and synagogues are looted and burned, homes are invaded by the Gestapo, Jewish children are expelled from school, their fathers and brothers imprisoned without cause. With even darker times on the horizon, parents are searching for an escape route for their children. On the morning of December 1st, 1938, eleven-year-old Marianne Kohn and seven-year-old Sophie Mandel meet on a train, the first Kindertransport that will take children to safety in England. But what will happen when they arrive? Who will be their guardians? Will they be able to learn the customs and language of their new country? Will they ever see their parents again? The Kindertransport saved almost ten thousand children before the outbreak of World War II. The three critically acclaimed, award-winning novels in Escape from BerlinGood-bye Marianne, Remember Me, and Finding Sophie—poignantly chronicle what happens to Marianne and Sophie as they grow up away from home. December 1, 2013, marks the 75th Anniversary of the first Kindertransport.

Pub Date Giveaway: In the comments below, please tell us which new September release of Tundra’s you would love to read and one lucky reader will receive their requested book! One request per person and please review our rules. This giveaway ends at midnight on Monday, October 1, 2013!

UPDATE: Congratulations to Susan who will be getting a copy of Whimsy’s Heavy Things.