2009 Governor General’s Literary Award Finalist

On Wednesday, October 14, The Canada Council for the Arts announced the finalists for the 2009 Governor General’s Literary Awards. The winners will be announced on Tuesday, November 17 at 10am.

Tundra would like to congratulate Rachel Berman for being a finalist in the Children’s Literature — Illustration category!

Bradley McGoggBradley McGogg, the Very Fine Frog
Written by Tim Beiser
Illustrated by Rachel Berman
ISBN 978-0-88776-864-4
Bradley McGogg makes his home in the bog where there are plenty of yummy bugs for a frog to feed on. Upon finding his pantry bare one day, Bradley decides to meet his neighbors, in the hopes that they will share some of their favorite meals with him. But this “bog frog” soon finds that not all animals eat alike…

“Beautifully drawn and painted, this is a tale in which a frog’s quest for a meal leads him to discover that not everyone finds bugs and slugs the ideal feast. Rachel Berman brings to life Bradley McGogg, an expressive character children will fall in love with.” – The Canada Council for the Arts

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  1. I was very proud and happy to hear that Rachel Berman is nominated for a Governor General’s Award. She is an amazing artist who opened my inexperienced eyes to art (via my heart) several years ago when I walked into an exhibit of her work in Victoria, BC. Having until that time assumed that I was too ignorant to recognize art, I suddenly felt a connection and a relaxing physical sensation within that said, “Oh, so this is what art is!” Rachel’s existence, intelligence, and art have enhanced my life from that day on. Congratulations Rachel!!!!

  2. Hello Joan,

    Thank you for the lovely comment and the congratulations to Rachel.

    Rachel Berman is indeed an amazing artist and we hope to have more Beiser and Berman collaborations in the future! =)


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