2015/2016 Hackmatack Children’s Choice Book Awards Nominations


The nominations are in for the 2015/2016 Hackmatack Children’s Choice Book Awards and we are happy to say that we have a shortlisted book in the English Fiction category! Congratulations to Charis Cotter!

The SwallowThe Swallow
A Ghost Story
Written by Charis Cotter
Hardcover | 320 Pages | Ages 9-12
ISBN: 978-1-77049-591-3
“Spooky tension, friendship and compassion permeate this exquisitely plotted middle-grade ghost story … the story structure weaves its way in and out—riveting and tumbling with tension but never obvious, leaving the readers wondering if anything is really as it seems. …readers will seesaw between chills and snorts of laughter. When Cotter delivers the final twist, it is a denouement that becomes a springboard for greater revelations that lead to even greater reader satisfaction. Middle-grade storytelling at its very best—extraordinary.” – Starred Review, Kirkus Reviews

The Hackmatack Children’s Choice Book Award is an Atlantic Canadian book award which allows children to choose their favourite Canadian and Atlantic Canadian books. The children will read from a selection of forty books divided in four categories: English Fiction, English Non-fiction, French Fiction, and French Non-fiction, chosen for their literary, cultural and enjoyment factors.

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