2021 New York Times / NYPL Best Illustrated Children’s Book Award Winner

We would like to congratulate Julie Morstad who is a winner of the 2021 New York Times / NYPL Best Illustrated Children’s Book Award for Time Is a Flower!

Time Is a Flower
By Julie Morstad
56 Pages | Ages 3-7 | Hardcover
ISBN 9780735267541 | Tundra Books
What is time? Is it the tick tick tock of a clock, numbers and words on a calendar? It’s that, but so much more. Time is a seed waiting to grow, a flower blooming, a sunbeam moving across a room. Time is slow like a spider spinning her web or fast like a wave at the beach. Time is a wiggly tooth, or waiting for the school bell to ring, or reading a story . . . or three! But time is also morning for some and night for others, a fading sunset and a memory captured in a photo taken long ago. In this magical meditation on the nature of time, Julie Morstad shines a joyful light on a difficult-to-grasp concept for young readers and reminds older readers to see the wonders of our world, including children themselves, through the lens of time.

“An exploration of the concept of time is a daunting premise for a children’s book, but Morstad pulls it off with panache. Her warm, friendly renderings in pencil, marker and ink distill the book’s abstract ideas – does time move slowly or quickly, in a straight line or a circle? – with ingenuity and simplicity. The judges also appreciated Morstad’s judicious use of empty space, which leaves ample room for thought.” – Catherine Hong

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