2021 Oregon Spirit Book Award

The Oregon Spirit Book Award is given yearly to the author of a distinguished contribution to young readers’ literature that engages and encourages readers’ imagination, discovery, and understanding, reflecting the spirit and values held by Oregonians. The award was established in 2005, and the group itself, an affiliate of the National Council of Teachers of English, was founded in 1913.

We would like to congratulate Zoey Abbott whose I Do Not Like Yolanda has been named an honor book in the picture book category!

I Do Not Like Yolanda
By Zoey Abbott
44  Pages | Ages 3-7 | Hardcover
ISBN 9780735266513 | Tundra Books
When Bianca gets stuck in Yolanda’s line at the post office, she expects the worst: scowls, claws, teeth . . . This is what she gets for having a five-letter day. She might not survive . . . Or will Yolanda surprise her? This hilarious story explores fear and kindness, in that order, when Bianca decides to overcome her terror and ask Yolanda very nicely how her weekend was . . . and learns that Yolanda is not scary, she’s a delight! A truly lovely book about questioning your assumptions and reaching out to another person, no matter how scary they might be.

Congrats Zoey!

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