CTV Your Morning Kids’ Book Segment on Indigenous Voices

Our Marketing and Publicity Director, Vikki VanSickle, was on CTV’s Your Morning yesterday to talk about some of her top kids book picks celebrating Indigenous voices. Check out our title from her recommendations below and don’t forget to watch her segment for the full list!

AGES 4-8

On the Trapline
By David A. Robertson
Illustrated by Julie Flett
48 Pages | Ages 4-8 | Hardcover
ISBN 9780735266681  | Tundra Books
A boy and Moshom, his grandpa, take a trip together to visit a place of great meaning to Moshom. A trapline is where people hunt and live off the land, and it was where Moshom grew up. As they embark on their northern journey, the child repeatedly asks his grandfather, “Is this your trapline?” Along the way, the boy finds himself imagining what life was like two generations ago – a life that appears to be both different from and similar to his life now. This is a heartfelt story about memory, imagination, and intergenerational connection that perfectly captures the experience of a young child’s wonder as he is introduced to places and stories that hold meaning for his family.

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