KidLit Halloween Costume: Unicorns 101

Dress up like your favorite KidLit characters this Halloween! Today’s outfit is inspired by Professor Star Hoof from Unicorns 101. We’ve done the work and searched for all the pieces for you!

Unicorns 101-interior spread
Unicorns 101-complete look
Unicorn horn: PartyCity | Glasses: PartyCity | Temporary Tattoo: Jewel Flash Tattoos | Shirt: Van Heusen | Tie: BuyYourTies | Lab coat: Just Lab Coats

Unicorns 101Unicorns 101
By Cale Atkinson
ISBN 9780735265431 | Tundra Books
32 Pages | Ages 3-7  | Hardcover

The unicorn is the most noble and beautiful of all the beasts. Colorful and shiny coats, luscious manes that smell of cinnamon, sparkly hooves. But not much was known about this fascinating species . . . until now.

Top professors working in the field of Unicorn Science have come together for the first time to create this comprehensive guide to the unicorn: Dr. Glitter Pants, Grand Unistorian; Dr. Sprinkle Steed, Doctor of Magic; Dr. Star Hoof, Rainbowmetrics Specialist; and Dr. Sugar Beard, Certified Hornologist. These highly trained scientists will reveal all of the secrets you’ve been dying to find out: What is a unicorn’s horn made of? Why do I never see unicorns? What do unicorns like to eat? And what do unicorn homes look like? (Hint: there are guard’n gnomes, a ball pit and gummi bears growing on trees.)

This book will tell you everything you ever wanted to know about unicorns–and more. But please, handle with care, or you may be seeing sparkles for weeks.

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