Penguin Awareness Day

Today is Penguin Awareness Day! Did you know:

  • A penguin colony becomes a source of heat in cold weather
  • The colony provides protection from predators
  • The young in a penguin colony form a nursery, or crèches, leaving both parents free to fish together

Read more about penguins in:

The World of Penguins
Written by Evelyne Daigle
Illustrated by Daniel Grenier
Translated by Genevieve Wright
48 Pages
ISBN 978-0-88776-799-9

“Nicely illustrated with realistic acrylic paintings… this book is eye-catching and attractive. Daigle’s text reads, in places, like a Cousteau-inspired script.” – School Library Journal

“Just when I think I’ve seen and read it all regarding penguins, along comes a book to dispel that notion. The World of Penguins offers an abundance of surprising and delightful gems. Written in clear, detailed, descriptive paragraphs…. Acrylic illustrations complement the text … an excellent research resource.” – Quill & Quire

8 Replies to “Penguin Awareness Day”

  1. I didn’t know it was Penguin Awareness Day. In that case, I’ll do a penguin theme in my preschool storytime tomorrow! Your books are really helpful for storytimes, by the way, thanks 🙂

  2. Hi Melanie,

    Thank you! We are happy to hear that our books are helpful for storytimes!

    Have a fun day looking up penguin themed books for tomorrow! 🙂


  3. I love it! We need to talk to you about Ripple. Do you know about us yet? We’re a way to record books online in your own voice to accompany the book. Kids love hearing the book read to them by family or friends far away. It’s such a great way to connect and build literacy skills.

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