TD Summer Reading Club 2013

Go!The TD Summer Reading Club is an inclusive, bilingual program that strives to engage all children in the joy of reading during the summer months. This program is a joint initiative between TD Bank Group, Toronto Public Library, and Library and Archives Canada. Every year a theme is selected from suggestions made across the country. This year’s theme is GO!

Children who register for the TD Summer Reading Club at their local library receive a free promotional reading kit and are encouraged to earn nine collectible stickers by reading books over the summer. They are also invited to participate in programs organized at their local library and share their love of reading with children across the country through the TD Summer Reading club website.

Here are some of the Tundra titles that are being featured in the reading lists this year, make sure you check them out at your local library!

Getting ThereGetting There
Written by Marla Stewart Konrad
Travel in Style: Ages 3-6
Hardcover | 24 Pages
ISBN: 978-0-88776-867-5
From the moment we take our first steps, it seems we are always on the move. Pictured here are the many and unusual ways we get around. Whether they go on their own two feet, by wheeled vehicle, water craft, animal power, or by air, children find some unorthodox and truly imaginative ways to “get there.”

The Flying CanoeThe Flying Canoe
Retold by Roch Carrier
Illustrated by Sheldon Cohen
Translated by Sheila Fischman
Travel in Style: Ages 7-12+
Hardcover | 24 Pages
ISBN: 978-0-88776-636-7
On New Year’s eve, 1847, eleven-year-old Baptiste finds himself far from his friends and family and his home in La Beauce. He has come to the woods of the Ottawa Valley to live and work among “the finest lumberjacks in Canada.” As the New Year approaches, Baptiste and the lumberjacks grow more and more homesick. Resolved to see their families again before the stroke of midnight, the crew board a magical canoe that lifts them into the air, across villages, and closer to home.

Cyclist BikeListCyclist BikeList: The Book for Every Rider
Written by Laura Robinson
Illustrated by Ramon K. Perez
Travel in Style: Ages 8-12+
Trade Paperback | 64 Pages
ISBN: 978-0-88776-784-5
Bikes are becoming an ever-more vital part of daily life for people of all ages. Laura Robinson combines fascinating history (the first bike was propelled by the rider’s feet pushing against the ground) with useful and fun information, including tips for the way to dress for safe and efficient biking; what to eat for maximum body efficiency; and how to select and maintain a bike.

Mable RileyMable Riley: A Reliable Record of Humdrum, Peril and Romance
Written by Marthe Jocelyn
Discover Art: Ages 9-12+
Hardcover | 288 Pages
ISBN: 978-0-88776-663-3
Composed of the letters Mable sends home, the poems she writes for her classmates, and chapters from her own work-in-progress, Mable Riley is the funny, inspiring, (and reliable) record of a young girl finding her voice, and the courage to make it heard.

Please click here for more information about Matt James, the illustrator who created the artwork for this year’s Reading Club!

TD Summer Reading Club

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