Today’s the Day the Teddy Bears Have Their Picnic

Happy Teddy Bears’ Picnic Day! We want to know how you and your bears (or dolls or stuffed animals) celebrate! Need some inspiration? Here are some pictures of our best friends:

Shardim entertains his boy Evan and his other friends with tea and snacks!
Ruby and Albert are always happy to read to each other and their girl, Sharon.
Walter and his girl Jess are always classy when it comes to tea time.
Rainbow Bear and Bear have the best of both worlds: reading and eating with their girl, Nicole!
Candy likes to play with model trains as long as her girl Andrea is nearby.

And here are some ideas to host your own Teddy Bears’ Picnic!

SNACKS: The most important part of an event is food! Here are some bear-y delicious treats to consider serving . . .

  • Gummy bears
  • Bear Paws
  • Bear-shaped cookies
  • Anything with honey!

Sylvia’s teddy bear pancakes are also a must-have!


  • Read Teddy Bear of the Year by Vikki VanSickle, illustrated by Sydney Hanson
  • Download/print out the Teddy Bear of the Year activity kit, including an un-bear-ably cute headband and a coloring page!

Teddy Bear of the Year
By Vikki VanSickle
Illustrated by Sydney Hanson
40 Pages | Ages 3-7 | Hardcover
ISBN 9780735263925 | Tundra Books
Ollie is a regular bear with a regular job. He listens to his girl’s stories about her days, he snuggles her to sleep and he is there waiting when she gets home from school. Just your typical teddy bear stuff. So when he is whisked away to the annual teddy bears’ picnic, he feels insignificant compared to the other bears who do daring and daunting things: sleepovers, hospital stays–even a night in the lost and found! Ollie feels even more small and unimportant but he soon learns that it’s not just the big things that matter, it’s the little things too.

Purpley is a bear-with-no-fur but he loves to read as much as his girl, Sam.

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