Tom Slaughter (1955-2014)

Slaughter_TomWe are very sorry to share the news that Tundra illustrator, Tom Slaughter, passed away on October 24, 2014 from brain cancer. Tom was irascible but charming – a man who created beautiful, colorful art that betrayed his warm and playful spirit. He published several early concept picture books with Tundra which he created in collaboration with his then-wife, Marthe Jocelyn. In reviews, the words “deceptively simple” and “eye-catching” are repeated over and over again. One reviewer compared his work to that of Matisse (Booklist).

Tom was born in New York in 1955. His art was exhibited in the United States, Europe, Japan and Canada. His prints are in the collection of the Museum of Modern Art and the Whitney Museum of American Art, and his books have been translated and published around the world.

Tom supported his daughter, Nell Jocelyn, who worked with Marthe Jocelyn on Ones and Twos and Where Do You Look? He leaves Marthe Jocelyn, and his daughters Hannah and Nell who looked after him throughout his illness. (He said he had the best care he could have.)

“Now and again, if rarely, a baby book comes along so visually striking, so full of new life, it constitutes a true work of art. In many ways ‘Eats’ by Marthe Jocelyn and Tom Slaughter is more like a gallery of paintings than a traditional picture book…. Each image is bold, modern, elemental, bright, and as sizzlingly colorful as a dream.” – The Boston Globe

We have always been among Tom’s many fans, and will miss him. We are sending our thoughts to Tom Slaughter’s family. Services will be held Monday, November 3, 2014 at 11:00 am at the New Victory Theater.

ABC x 3 English, Espanol, Francais Eats One Some Many Over Under Same Same Which Way 123

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