Tuesdays with Tundra 10

Tuesdays with Tundra is a monthly post on our new releases. The following books are available today in stores and online!

“Scribbling Women” True Tales from Astonishing Lives
By Marthe Jocelyn
Hardcover | Ages 14 and up
ISBN 978-0-88776-952-8
eBook 978-1-77049-230-1
“…a wonderful example of a book that will break down any negative stereotypes about biographies. [Jocelyn]… creates lively, sometimes humorous pieces that blend straight biographic detail and anecdotal accounts about some lesser known women writers in history….  Each of these remarkable women shed light on a place, time and experience that would have otherwise been lost. Not only does Jocelyn share extraordinary stories about these women, but her piece also celebrates writers of all kinds, inspiring young adults, particularly girls, to value their own voices and experiences by writing through whatever means they choose. Although many of the women in Scribbling Women led extraordinary lives, the everyday is often filled with exciting, humorous tales….” – ForeWord Reviews

From Then to Now: A Short History of the World
By Christopher Moore
Illustrated by Andrej Krystoforski
Hardcover | Ages 10 and up
ISBN 978-0-88776-540-7
“Moore does an admirable job not only getting so much history in, but displaying how it can be cyclical, a constant succession of societies rising and falling. That premise will prompt much discussion among curious young minds.” – Quill & Quire

Stones for My Father
By Trilby Kent
Hardcover | Ages 11 and up
ISBN 978-1-77049-252-3
eBook 978-1-77049-260-8
Corlie Roux’s farm life in South Africa is not easy: the Transvaal is beautiful, but it is also a harsh place where the heat can be so intense that the very raindrops sizzle. When her beloved father dies, she is left with a mother who is as devoted to her sons as she is cruel to her daughter. Despite this, Corlie finds solace in her friend, Sipho, and in Africa itself and in the stories she conjures for her brothers.

But Corlie’s world is about to vanish: the British are invading and driving Boer families like hers from their farms. Some escape into the bush to fight the enemy. The unlucky ones are rounded up and sent to internment camps.

Will Corlie’s resilience and devotion to her country sustain her through the suffering and squalor she finds in the camp at Kroonstad? That may depend on a soldier from faraway Canada and on inner resources Corlie never dreamed she had….

Merci Mister Dash!
By Monica Kulling
Illustrated by Esperanca Melo
Hardcover | Ages 3-6
ISBN 978-0-88776-964-1
“…Brightly colored acrylic paintings show Mr. Dash at his best…. Generously sprinkled with easily understood French phrases, this well-paced portrait of patience and toleration ends with a satisfying nap by the fire and the promise of a quiet, Daphne-free day. Children will empathize with Daphne and Mr. Dash and perhaps gain an understanding of both positions. A good choice to generate discussion, this will appeal to energetic youngsters and dog lovers alike.” – Kirkus Reviews

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25 Replies to “Tuesdays with Tundra 10”

  1. I would love to win Mercy Mr. Dash for my daughter. She loves books! Thanks for considering us!


  2. I’d love to win “From Then to Now:A Short History of the World” by Christopher Moore. It looks like a fascinating book!

    Thanks for the fantastic giveaway.

  3. I’d love to win and read “Stones for my Father” by Trilby Kent. It seems like just the kind of thought-provoking book that I would enjoy immensely, and then hopefully I can add it to the list of book reviews on my blog. Thank you SO much for hosting this amazing giveaway! 🙂

  4. From Then to Now: A Short History of the World is right up my alley. Be awesome to actually win it.

  5. scribbling women, sounds like something i could relate to. i dont think women get enough credit sometimes and a lot of us have great minds! so we should share

  6. So hard to pick one… I just grabbed stones for my father from the library, it is sitting on my desk to read, so I’ld have to say From Then to Now: A Short History of the World would be one I would like to own.

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