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Amazing Animals: The Remarkable Things That Creatures Do
By Margriet Ruurs
Illustrated by W. Allan Hancock
Hardcover | Ages 6-9
ISBN 978-0-88776-973-3
Did you know that the oldest insect lived more than 350 million years ago? That’s more than 100 million years before the dinosaurs! Did you know that a slug has three noses, an octopus has three hearts, and that an earthworm has no eyes, no nose, no ears, and no lungs, but it has five hearts?

By compiling facts that astound her and whet her own curiosity, Margriet Ruurs encourages young readers to observe the natural world around them and to share her sense of wonder and respect for it.With stunning art and bright, brief text, Amazing Animals is a perfect introduction to a host of creatures – many of them endangered.

Nearly Nonsense: Hoja Tales from Turkey
By Rina Singh
Illustrated by Farida Zaman
Hardcover | Ages 5-8
ISBN 978-0-88776-974-0
Nasrudin Hoja was a mullah (teacher) in Turkey. He was a busy man – he worked in a vineyard, gave sermons at the mosque, and was sometimes even a judge. He did all of this with a nagging wife, a constant stream of uninvited visitors, and many animals. Although Hoja’s life wasn’t easy, his heart was always light and his observations about life held a witty twist. For instance, when his donkey got lost, his neighbors offered sympathy, but Hoja found the bright side: “Imagine if I were riding the donkey at the time. I’d be lost too!”

Though the ten Hoja stories presented by Rina Singh and richly illustrated by Farida Zaman are funny, each one contains such insight into human nature that Sufi teachers use them to illustrate their teachings. Traditional Turkish Hoja stories are much-loved throughout Asia, and Nearly Nonsense brings them to a North American readership sure to enjoy them and, through laughter, to learn from them.

Also check out this fun video that Rina Singh made!

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  1. Amazing Animals…it would make a wonderful gift for my nefew who loves to learn about all sorts of things!

    erikadlugo(AT) yahooDOTcom (I live in Canada)

  2. Amazing Animals please. My daughter loves to learn about animals via books/TV/movies/computer games.


  3. Amazing Animals…kids need to learn about the natural world so they can appreciate and protect it later in life.

  4. I would love to win the Amazing Animals book! I think my kids would love it! Thank for considering me!

  5. Amazing Animals! It looks gorgeous! I love animals~


  6. I would love to win a copy of Amazing Animals. It looks like it has some really interesting facts about animals.

  7. Wow…how to choose between 2 books that both seem amazing.Being an animal lover and knowing my nephew is also,Amazing Animals is my choice…thanks

  8. I would love to send Nearly Nonsense to my nephews. A book about a different place and culture = great reading.

  9. Amazing Animals: The Remarkable Things That Creatures Do would be a wonderful gift for my grandson! I know he would love it!

  10. Oh my gosh, would love love to win Nearly Nonsense! What a great book for Summer Reading Club………..or anytime club 🙂

  11. we re trivia fans and would like to know my hidden facts about animals so hope to win amazing animals

  12. Amazing animals sounds like a good read in this snowstorm weather where we are bored stiff, need some diversion!

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