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Here are the contest entries to win the fabulous Alison Dare prize pack (signed copies of Alison Dare, Little Miss Adventures, Alison Dare, The Heart of the Maiden, plus an Alison Dare bookmark, pin, sticker, and a membership card of the exclusive Double Dog Darer’s Society)! All were welcomed to snap as many photos of Alison Dare as they wanted and to submit it with a fun caption:

1. Alison Dare in the Cyber World
Photo by Lindsay

2. Alison Dare and the Dastardly Doggie Duo: Alison Dare searches the Arch grounds for signs of the Doggie Duo.
Photo by Jan

3. Alison Dare and the Dastardly Doggie Duo: When Alison gets word that the Doggies Duo plans to kidnap the Anheuser Busch Clydesdales she rushes over to help protect them. Luckily, she gets there just in time.
Photo by Jan

4. Alison Dare and the Dastardly Doggie Duo: Finally, she finds the dastardly doggie duo and swings into action.
Hank begs for mercy knowing that he has met his match, after all look what Alison did to his brother in crime, Taylor!
Photo by Jan

5. Alison Dare and the Dastardly Doggie Duo: Alison Dare’s strong left hook has Taylor down for the count.
Photo by Jan

6. Alison Dare and the Dastardly Doggie Duo: Once again the streets of St Louis are safe. Thank you Alison!
Photo by Jan

7. Alison meets the Zombie
Photo by Velvet

8. Alison Dare Saves Cuddlies Trapped in Killer Bat’s Secret Headquarters
Killer Bat has captured cuddlies in jungle, and put them in his secret headquarters. Alison Dare will save them!
Photo by Rosie

9. Alison Dare Fights Killer Bat (w. monkey in background)
After freeing cuddlies, Alison Dare fights Killer Bat.
Photo by Rosie

10. Alison Dare… intrepid, intelligent and itching to solve a new mystery!
Photo by Lorraine

11. Alison… straightening out the Leaning Tower of Pisa!
Photo by Suzanne

12. Alison Dare and the Suspicious Steetlight of London!
Photo by Kelly

13. Alison Dare and the Suspicious Steetlight of London!
Photo by Kelly

14. Alison Dare and the Suspicious Steetlight of London!
Photo by Kelly

15. Let’s Work Together Dawg!
Photo by Carla

16. Bring It On Dawg!
Photo by Carla

17. Up Close With the Big Dawg!
Photo by Carla

To vote, simply leave a comment below telling us which one is your favourite. Voting ends Monday, July 26, 2010!

There will be 3 winners chosen by J. Torres, Jason Bone, and the photo with the most votes (you)! It is quite possible that a lucky voter will win something too! The 3 winners will be announced and notified by e-mail on Tuesday, July 27, 2010. Good luck!

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  • There’s also a group on flickr for you to upload your photos! =)
  • The creators of Alison Dare, J. Torres and J. Bone!

Thank you!

51 Replies to “Vote for Alison Dare”

  1. I like #17 – Carla’s “Up close with the big dawg!”
    Looks like she’s ready for action!
    Good Day there! Doe

  2. I must say I LOVE #9! It’s so creative and really stuck out to me as the work of a budding young artist! The use of multiple medias really shows wonderfully clever story-telling technique. I see the the same artist also did #8 which is also beautiful but my favourite is #9.

  3. I vote for number 8. Saving the cuddles from those vicious looking hands and arms is very brave.

  4. I vote for number 9 with the killer bat. Great drawings. Following in her Mother’s foot steps.

  5. I’m going to vote for number 1 because computers rock and I’m just imagining all the crazy things that could happen to Alison Dare as she gets sucked into and has to solve whatever mystery is happening in Cyber World!

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