Cover Recreation: The Enigma Game

We love The Enigma Game so much, we decided to try our hand at recreating the cover on Instagram and asked some of our bookstagram friends to join us!

We tried our best to match the colour scheme:

Alexis at hooked_to_books struck a pose in front of some beautiful bookshelves:

Caitlin at turningpagebooks found the perfect background: a library!

Rachel at mostly.borrowed gave us some lovely autumn vibes with her outdoorsy shoot:

Thanks to Alexis, Caitlin, and Rachel for joining us! If you haven’t picked up The Enigma Game yet…what are you waiting for??

The Enigma Game
By Elizabeth Wein
448 Pages | Ages 12+ | Paperback
ISBN 9780735265288 | Penguin Teen
A German soldier risks his life to drop off the sought-after Enigma Machine to British Intelligence, hiding it in a pub in a small town in northeast Scotland, and unwittingly bringing together four very different people who decide to keep it to themselves. Louisa Adair, a young teen girl hired to look after the pub owner’s elderly, German-born aunt, Jane Warner, finds it but doesn’t report it. Flight-Lieutenant Jamie Beaufort-Stuart intercepts a signal but can’t figure it out. Ellen McEwen, volunteer at the local airfield, acts as the go-between and messenger, after Louisa involves Jane in translating. The planes under Jamie’s command seem charmed, as Jamie knows where exactly to go, while other squadrons suffer, and the four are loathe to give up the machine, even after Elisabeth Lind from British Intelligence arrives, even after the Germans start bombing the tiny town.

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