Putting the YA in FRIYAY: Looking For Alaska

Last week, the much anticipated adaption of John Green’s Looking For Alaska premiered on CBC Gem. We were so excited, we sat down to live tweet the first episode on Tuesday – catch up on the thread here:

Want more Looking For Alaska content? Back in October when the show premiered on Hulu, our friends at Penguin Teen did a live tweet of the first episode too:

They also put together a recap on their blog and a fun fact-filled video:

And now we want to hear from YOU! Have you read Looking For Alaska? Or watched the show? Let us know your thoughts and we’ll add them below!

“It’s been almost a decade since I read it so my memory of the story itself is pretty vague, but it was one of the books I loved in the height of me reading YA as a teen, and it holds a really good nostalgic feel for me! I’m excited to dive back into the story during quarantine, since I’ve been enjoying some old hobbies of mine and rewatching things for nostalgia’s sake.”  – emilykatereads

You can also check out this podcast episode from Canadians Brenna and Joe for a different take!

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