“Scribbling Women” Blog Tour: Day 5

We’re on the last day of the “Scribbling Women” Blog Tour! You can also follow @TundraBooks, @scissorhouse, and the bloggers on twitter! We will be using the hashtag #ScribblingWomen

Please visit our wonderful tour stop hostesses and remember to comment on their “Scribbling Women” posts to be entered in our gigantic giveaway contest! You could gain 7 more entries today. 7!!

Let me remind you of the prize:

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  1. Okay Tundra and Marthe–I started my own online Pillow Book last night and posted today. I went on a walking trail yesterday evening and couldn’t get it out of my head–all these fleeting, beautiful things that enter our lives and flit away. Why not write them down, to remember?

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