Halloween at Home

Halloween at HomeThis year’s Halloween season is going to be very different. Many families are going to have to skip trick-or-treating in their communities. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t bring the spirits home to celebrate!

Spooky Story Times
Here are our suggestions for read-alouds the whole family will enjoy! Click on the covers for more information.

Bob's Hungry Ghost How to Make Friends with a Ghost Sir Simon The Little Ghost Who Was a Quilt Mary Who Wrote Frankenstein Monsters 101

Are you looking for activity connections to go with the story times? Here are tips on writing your own spooky stories, drawing, coloring, and even a doorknob hanger to make!

Do you love leaving your fate in the hands of quizzes?

  • Tarot Cards
  • Trick-or-Treat?

How to Draw a Ghost!
Follow along as our ghost-drawing experts show you how they draw a ghost.

  • Byron Eggenschwiler: How to draw a quilt ghost
  • Cale Atkinson: How to draw Sir Simon
  • Rebecca Green: How to draw a ghost friend
  • Geneviève Côté: How to draw a hungry ghost

Literary Costumes
Dress up as your favorite book character! Here are some ideas to explore:

Jack-o’-lantern Crafts
Don’t have a pumpkin? That’s okay! Use a butternut squash, an orange, a turnip, an egg, a kabocha, or even a plate!

How are you spending Halloween at Home? Share you stories with us!